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Everything You Need To Know About Waggel | Best Pet Insurance For Dogs

affordable pet insurance for dogs

If you fall sick, your dog can suffer from illnesses too, and the expenses to treat your pet may reduce you to tears. However, like every problem has solutions, dog pet insurance is a thing of great use and will have your back in Case your dog has an emergency.

Dog pet insurance will pay for your dog’s medical treatments. Of course, you have to pay monthly premiums like life or health insurance, and there are too many pet insurance companies in the market.

But today’s blog will revolve around Waggel, Waggel’s best pet insurance for dogs, features of Waggel’s insurance plan, and a comparison of Waggel’s six different policies.

Andrew Leal and Ross Fretten launched Waggel in 2018, owing to their passion and love for animals. Passion for animals. Isn’t it rare? Most businesses are about feathering their nests.

The founders regard Waggel as a Pet Members Club with gazillions of benefits whose mission is to offer authentic pet insurance products to clients in an understandable way. The company crosses the oceans to bring happiness to its clients’ faces.

Waggel’s policies cover dental, cancer, hip problems, and other expensive medical conditions to make the lives of pet owners easy and enjoyable by offering simple Waggel best insurance for dogs.

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If there is a metaphor to describe Waggle, it would be a waterfall and how the waterfall pours and pours and still never gets tired.

Let’s Have A Glimpse At The Features Of Waggel’s Best Pet Insurance For Dogs!

In this section, we have elaborated Top 10 features of Waggel’s Best Pet Insurance for Dogs, including Reoccurring Conditions, Dental, Perks and Discounts Unique to Your Pets, 24×7 Video Vet, Fully Digital Claims, Track Claims in Real-Time, Access to Your Claims Handler, Online Behavior Consultations, Supports a Charity of Your Choice, and Payment for damages, theft, or death.

Look at the brief descriptions of Waggel’s Best Pet Insurance for Dogs features!

1) Reoccurring Conditions: As your dear pet ages, the risk of chronic diseases increases too. Pets may suffer from long-term conditions, including diabetes, cancer, endocrine disorders, and liver concerns.

Medicines, doctor visits, and blood tests may cost you. Waggel’s insurance plan will cover recurring expenses for medications and other laboratory formalities.

2) Dental: Even though the dog species are anonymous to cavities, they can still suffer from gum problems, ugly tartar, and bite disorders. These issues are not something to be taken leniently.

Lack of treatment may cause inflammation. Fortunately, dental coverage under an insurance plan will give you peace of mind.

3) Perks and Discounts Unique to Your Pets: Every dog has different dietary requirements and personalities. Waggle’s insurance plan may accommodate and modify benefits depending on the essence of your pet.

4) 24×7 Video Vet: Online veterinarian visits are so convenient. You can easily manage pet-related emergencies and interrogate your doubts or health concerns. Fast response times and null stress are other benefits of 24×7 video vet services.

5) Fully Digital Claims: The insurance company will look after every step of the claim process, starting from the notification of loss to the final compensation.

6) Track Claims in Real-Time: Firstly, you must inform Waggel about what you are claiming for your dog. It can be anything from an accident or property damage caused by your dog to the loss that happened to the dog.

Every Waggel member gets a Customer Champion who will answer your questions and support you. He sits next to founders and may also help you resolve your claims. You can also track your claim on your smartphone.

All the information regarding your insurance claim will be available on your smartphone.

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7) Access to Your Personal Claims Handler: As stated above, you will get access to a Customer Champion who will handle your claims diligently.

8) Online Behavior Consultations: You need to know how your dog feels, thinks, and understands things. It can help you become the best friend of your pet. Additionally, you can avoid any potential conflict that can arise due to the unpredictable behavior of your pet.

Waggle Insurance for pets dogs includes Online Behavior Consultations to ensure the safety of your pet, yourself and everyone around you.

9) Supports a Charity of Your Choice: Participating in a charity makes you feel positive about yourself and your values. Giving is impactful as your one act of kindness generates waves of generosity among your kith and kin.

Under Waggle’s insurance policy feature, you can support a charity of your choice, like animal rights organizations, women’s rights organizations, or human rights organizations.

10) Payment for damages, theft, or death: You also get the Payment if your dog gets injured or stolen. Third-party liability and the demise of your pet from an accident or illness also come under this Waggel insurance for pets’ dog claims.

An Overview Of Waggel 6 Different Policy Types

Waggel offers six policy alternatives for lifetime pet insurance. Each policy includes the same aspects mentioned in the above section, except for some differentiation in Veterinary fees. This section sheds light on Waggel Compare Pet Insurance for Dogs. So, let’s begin.

Policy 1

  • Veterinary fees: 1311 dollars
  • Complimentary treatment costs: 1311 dollars
  • Behavior treatment fees: 1311 dollars
  • Dental Cover: 1311 dollars
  • Theft or straying loss cover: 1311 dollars
  • Death caused by accident/illness cover: 1311 dollars
  • Third-party liability (for dogs only): 26,23,060 dollars

Policy 2

  • Veterinary fees: 2623 dollars
  • Complimentary treatment costs: 1311 dollars
  • Behavior treatment fees: 1311 dollars
  • Dental Cover: 1311 dollars
  • Theft or straying loss cover: 1311 dollars
  • Death caused by accident/illness cover: 1311 dollars
  • Third-party liability (for dogs only): 26,23,060 dollars

Policy 3

  • Veterinary fees: 5426 dollars
  • Complimentary treatment costs: 1311 dollars
  • Behavior treatment fees: 1311 dollars
  • Dental Cover: 1311 dollars
  • Theft or straying loss cover: 1311 dollars
  • Death caused by accident/illness cover: 1311 dollars
  • Third-party liability (for dogs only): 26,23,060 dollars

Policy 4

  • Veterinary fees: 7869 dollars
  • Complimentary treatment costs: 1311 dollars
  • Behavior treatment fees: 1311 dollars
  • Dental Cover: 1311 dollars
  • Theft or straying loss cover: 1311 dollars
  • Death caused by accident/illness cover: 1311 dollars
  • Third-party liability (for dogs only): 26,23,060 dollars

Policy 5

  • Veterinary fees: 10492 dollars
  • Complimentary treatment costs: 1311 dollars
  • Behavior treatment fees: 1311 dollars
  • Dental Cover: 1311 dollars
  • Theft or straying loss cover: 1311 dollars
  • Death caused by accident/illness cover: 1311 dollars
  • Third-party liability (for dogs only): 26,23,060 dollars

Policy 6

  • Veterinary fees: 13115 dollars
  • Complimentary treatment costs: 1311 dollars
  • Behavior treatment fees: 1311 dollars
  • Dental Cover: 1311 dollars
  • Theft or straying loss cover: 1311 dollars
  • Death caused by accident/illness cover: 1311 dollars
  • Third-party liability (for dogs only): 26,23,060 dollars

A Step-By-Step Guide To Make A Claim!

In this section, you will learn about the simple process of making a claim under Waggel Best Pet Insurance for Dogs! Let’s dig in.

  1. There are two ways to make a claim. First, you can make it through your online Waggel account. Second, you can download and fill out the claim form and mail it to [email protected].
  2. Waggle will send information to the concerned veterinarian for your pet’s medical records and invoice after you have claimed. Once Waggle has all the relevant information, a Customer Champion will process your claim.
  3. For successful processing, you have to cooperate. Provide all the information that Waggle needs. If required, Waggle may interrogate a vet or therapist to gain a relevant piece of information. You shouldn’t have any issue with that, and it’s a part of the process.
  4. There are a few things to keep in mind. If you wish to claim within fourteen days from your original start date for claims concerning veterinary costs, damage, straying, and demise, you will have to face disappointment. It is impossible to do so.
  5. Waggle will make a payment to your veterinarian directly. For instance, the company can’t pay your Vet; in that Case, they will pay you. Briefly, you won’t have to face inconvenience. Above that, there is also a time limit for the claim. Also, consider that your pet’s treatment date is 2 April 2022; if you don’t submit a claim by 2 April 2023, they won’t compensate you.

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Important point: Only direct consequences get paid. Moreover, you can cancel your policy anytime, and they will reimburse your current monthly premium.

Waggle Policy Excess

Many policies cover excess. Excess is an amount you must pay if you want to claim on your policy. For example, your pet has met with an accident. To get compensation from your pet insurance company, you have to pay an excess, and the company will pay the remaining amount.

Waggel lets you choose the excess amount. You can keep 0, 65, 131, 262, or 327 dollars in excess amounts.

Besides, if you pay a higher excess amount, you get a reduction in your monthly premiums. Once selected, you can’t change the amount; nevertheless, you only have to pay this amount in a particular condition for a year.

How Is Waggel Better Than Other Pet Insurance Companies?

A few attributes unique to Waggel make this dog pet insurance company highly desirable. We have discussed those attributes in detail below for your clarity.

  1. Waggle has 15 years of experience, providing its customers with the best pet insurance technology for a world-class digital experience. After you sign-up, you will get benefits, perks, and discounts that will raise your spirits.
  2. The best thing about this pet insurance company is that there are no tangles of confusing paperwork involved. Everything happens online, and you can claim a blink.
  3. Some insurance companies have employed chatbots to solve your problems. Indeed, artificial technology has man’s back. However, sometimes, you need to talk to a human on the other side.
    What relief the human voice offers in stressful times has no comparison. Thanks to Waggle’s compassionate founders, customer companions are your needy friend. You can ask them anything, and they heartily offer you their helping hand.
  4. Their real-time tracking system will give you confidence. For instance, we place an order online, and after placing an order, we can check the whereabouts of our items. It keeps our excitement and anxiety in check and makes us aware of our order.
    Likewise, Waggle’s real-time tracking technology lets you know every tiny detail of your claim.
  5. What else sets Waggel apart from other pet insurance companies? Waggle’s team has always wanted to connect with the community on emotional and mental levels. For this reason, they came up with the two Zine.
    The Zine is a medium that caters to particular issues, like mental health. There is a lot of stigma around mental health, and the best way to end shame around such cases is to talk about them more and more in public and online forums.
    The motto of Zine is to make everyone feel honored and included and help them become better pet parents. Waggle’s team will reach out to people monthly to share strategies and tricks for being the best pet owner.
  6. Leonardo da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” It seems like Waggle takes this quite seriously. They have made the pet insurance world too simple for ordinary people to enjoy and understand.
    Even if there is something you don’t get, customer champions are always there to sort things out for you. On top of that, they don’t use complicated language on their website, and even non-technical humans can understand their policy plans well.
  7. Perks are to die for. You get discounts on top-notch dog brands, exciting competitions to win gifts, and free and infinite support from First Vet and Heal The Dog.
    First, Vet connects you to the right veterinarian to get your pet the appropriate treatment it needs. And at Heal The Dog, you get behavioral and dietary suggestions and recommendations unique to your pet.
    Dogs with particular health conditions, like autoimmunity, cancer, and gastrointestinal problems, can benefit greatly from Heal The Dog.

Collaborations Of Waggle

You will be glad to know that Waggel has collaborated with different brands so that you can have access to the best products and services for your pet and yourself. Have a look below!

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1) Food Brands

The proper diet can boost your pet’s immune system and help prevent disease. As a pet parent, you want the best for your baby. Waggle has partnered with leading nutritional brands, including Butternut Box, Scrumbles, and Blink, so that you can access high-quality and nutritious dog food.

2) Treat Brands

Do you know treats play a significant role in training your dog and strengthening the bond between you and it? Never miss treats. Waggle has collaborated with well-known treat companies, like Pawsome Treat, Nandi, and Goodchap’s. These brands produce nutritious, mouth-watering dog treats that nourish and enrich the bond between you and your dog.

3) Accessories Brands

Who doesn’t want their pets to look beautiful? Waggle wants pet owners to access the best pet accessories in the pet market. The company has connections with BARC London and Hiro & Wolf. Visit these websites to explore the stunning accessories.

4) Human-Loving Brands

Waggle doesn’t just care about pets but also their owners, and Waggle takes care of the fact that pet owners deserve special treats. So, this Waggel best pet insurance for dogs company will connect you with RWRD( coffee company), PROPER( snack company), and NICE( wine company). These brands offer products that will make you happy with graceful food.

Are There Any Shortcomings Of Waggle?

Like every coin has two sides, Waggle has some loopholes, which we have discussed below.

  1. Waggel’s best insurance for dogs doesn’t include preexisting conditions.
  2. The company has six policies, which only differ regarding veterinary fees.
  3. There is no coverage for cremation.
  4. Trustpilot shows that 77% rated Waggle as excellent and 11% as bad. The ones with positive reviews claimed to have an outstanding experience with the website and fast claims.
    On the flip side, the ones with negative reviews mentioned issues like discrepancies surrounding claims and increased monthly premiums at renewals.
  5. Waggel’s best pet insurance for dogs is not applicable:
  • If your doggy is under eight weeks old.
  • If you claim within the first fourteen days of your insurance policy start date.
  • If your pets are for breeding purposes.
  • If you want to get routine treatment for your pet, including vaccinations or worming.
  • If your pet has any existing conditions.
  • If you submitted claims 12 months after your pet treatment began.
  • In the case of euthanasia and cremation.
  • For Dogs listed in the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get dog insurance if my pet has already met with an accident?

Your new plan won’t cover the expenses of an existing issue your dog is facing, but you can expect coverage for forthcoming diseases and injuries.

Is Waggel a lifetime policy?

Waggel says if your pet doesn’t have preexisting illnesses and you decide to continue with our policy every year, we assure you that we will cover your pet for a lifetime.

Does Waggel cover neutering?

Unfortunately, Waggel doesn’t cover treatment costs for preexisting conditions and regular checkups. So, forget about neutering.

Is Waggle legit?

Yes, The purpose behind the emergence of Waggle was the founders’ admiration for animals. When an organization’s intention is pure, it’s obvious that the organization is genuine and reliable. You can place your trust in the hands of Waggle.

Am I too late for pet insurance?

You are never too late for Waggel’s best pet insurance for dogs. When you realize pet insurance’s importance, you should call Waggle instantly because your pet matters too!

Are my donations and charity tax-deductible?

Fortunately, donors will get tax-deductible the moment they donate on Waggle’s website. In Case they don’t get the receipt, they can contact Waggle for a replacement.

Is it beneficial to get insurance for my 13 years old dog?

As a dog parent, you should be aware that the older your dog gets, the more health problems it has to suffer. To cover the expenses of medical treatments and checkups, you should get Waggle’s best pet insurance for dogs.

How does Waggle get money for its everyday operations?

How does Waggle get money for its everyday operations?

Does my Dog’s insurance increase with age?

As already stated above, as a dog ages, the probability of it getting sick increases too. So do the expenses of insurance.

Does Waggel’s pet insurance increase with the year?

It’s not only about Waggel. Every pet insurance company makes a yearly hike in your payments.

Many people complain about their pet insurance being doubled. Is it a fact or myth?

With time, there are improvements in veterinary treatment strategies and tools. So, it’s obvious that the vets will also increase their fees. As a result of an increase in vet fees, there will be an increase in insurance premiums.

Will pet insurance automatically renew?

pet insurance will automatically renew yearly unless you inform Waggel not to do so.

How does Waggle take care of their donors?

Easy! Waggle puts contributions made by donors to veterinary services providers only. Receiving invoices from the hospitals is a way to ensure donors that their contributions have been put to a good cause. In Case, Waggle doesn’t receive an invoice from the medical care, either donors get their money back or another pet gets help.

Does Waggle protect their clients’ and donors’ financial and sensitive information?

Of course, yes. Have you heard about HTTPS? If not, let’s see. HTTPS is an internet protocol that safeguards data between the user’s desktop and website. In simple language, you can say that HTTPS is like an umbrella, protecting your valuable data from hackers and viruses. And Waggle has enriched their website with HTTPS so you can have peace of mind.

I want to contact Waggle. How to do that?

Waggle’s contact number and email are as follows:

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