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22 Best Car Logos That Are Red – Most Famous High End Car Logos

Car logos that are red

Are you looking to buy a car but only the ones whose car logos are red? If yes, then you are not alone. Car buyers always have quirks when it comes to buying automobiles. Thus, your preference for a car with a particular initial, logo, or color is understandable.

Red is among the most popular and loved colors in the global automotive industry. You will find its strong presence in the car models and some auto manufacturers’ roots. If your bottom line for buying a new vehicle is that you only want a ride from car brand logos that are red, we are here to help.

In this article, we bring you a well-researched and sorted list of the world’s nine best car logos and names that have the presence of a red hue in one way or another. Keep reading and find your next ideal car purchase.

22 World’s Best Car Logos That Are Red, Eye-Catching, & Classy

Red is associated with power, dignity, strength, and class. It is one of the biggest reasons that, besides the basic black and white, red is the most preferred color by global car buyers. However, not every car buyer is a fan of going all red. Some simply want a small yet effective presence of red in their ride.

This is where owning vehicles with red car logos comes in. Owning a vehicle that features a red car logo will make you stand out in the simplest yet classy way. Imagine you buy a black color car. It may look like all the other black rides, but its distinct red logo makes the entire vehicle stand out.

Keeping this in mind, below we have listed all the famous car logos that are red, and the companies are producing impressive models left & right. Review each red car brand to find a car logo that represents the color red the way you want.

1. KIA

  • Founded: December 11, 1944
  • Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea
  • Owners: Hyundai Motor Company, Treasury stock
  • Official Website: KIA
Car logos that are red

Kia is one of the most popular Asian car brands in the world. This South Korean multinational automobile auto manufacturer is taking the world by storm. Kia vehicles are known for being highly reliable and offer luxury and advanced tech & safety features under the blanket of affordability.

Kia’s official logo has been red for over twenty years now. Originally, the shade was dark, which, with time, evolved into intense and bright.

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No matter how many enhancements the Kia logo has undergone, the red color has retained its position as a crucial part of the company’s image.

Kia’s red car logo with lines effortlessly showcases the company’s strong reputation and authority in the industry.


  • Founded: July 1, 2003
  • Headquarters: Austin, Texas, USA
  • Owners: Elon Musk, Vanguard Group, Blackrock, State Street Corporation
  • Official Website: TESLA
Car brand logos that are red

The red color is often associated with revolution, and one company that lives this personification of red is Tesla. Tesla is an American multinational automotive and clean energy company that took the world by storm by releasing environment-friendly electric vehicles on a huge scale.

The Tesla logo is simple yet impossible to ignore. The large T in red conveys the statement that the revolution has started and will keep going.

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Tesla is a pioneer in the modernization the global automotive industry, taking a path that people had never imagined before. If you can splurge on your purchase, Tesla is one of the best red car logos and names you can go for.


  • Founded: October, 1909
  • Headquarters: Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan
  • Owners: Toyota, MUFG Bank, Sompo Japan Insurance, & others
  • Official Website: SUZUKI
Car logos that are red and white

If you are specifically looking for vehicles featuring old car logos that are red, then look no further than the Suzuki. Suzuki is one of the most popular Japanese multinational auto manufacturers. The company’s logo comprises the letter “S” in red with Suzuki’s blue lettering below it.

Suzuki’s emblem is one of the most recognizable logos in the global automotive industry. It is what we call “simplicity at its best.” The red color of the letter “S” compliments the blue lettering perfectly. The perfect balance makes the single-letter logo catchy and worth noticing.

Red has a huge significance in Japanese culture; thus, by showcasing it in the logo, Suzuki proudly presents its Asian heritage and philosophy.

4. Mitsubishi

  • Founded: 1970
  • Headquarters: Minato City, Tokyo, Japan
  • Owners: Mitsubishi Group, Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi Alliance
  • Official Website: MITSUBISHI
Famous car logos that are red

Mitsubishi is another Japanese automobile manufacturer that proudly showcases the red color in its logo. Mitsubishi has a red car logo triangle formed by joining three individual diamonds.

The stylish Mitsubishi badge is filled with an intense red color and represents the brand’s quality products, reputation, and will to keep moving forward.

Mitsubishi’s red car logo represents how well the company balances present and future. Plus, the lettering beneath the geometric symbol creates a great visual effect.

This red car logo boasts a simple yet catchy design that delivers the brand’s passion, reliability, and practicality.

5. Isuzu

  • Founded: 1916
  • Headquarters: Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
  • Owners: Japanese banks, Isuzu Motors Ltd, Mitsubishi Corp., ITOCHU Corp, Nomura Asset Management Co., Ltd and small private shareholders
  • Official Website: ISUZU
Car logos that are red and black

One of the simplest car logos that are red that any buyer who prefers simplicity would go for is Isuzu. The Isuzu logo comprises the brand’s name in red. Red has been the brand’s primary color since the company’s introduction.

Over the years, the company has changed the shades of red. The latest logo features more brightened and intensified red, making the brand look confident, endearing, and eye-catching.

6. Ducati

  • Founded: July 4, 1926
  • Headquarters: Borgo Panigale, Bologna, Italy
  • Owners: Volkswagen Group
  • Official Website: DUCATI
Old car logos that are red

Ducati is an Italian motorcycle manufacturing company with a red car logo. Over the years, the company has experimented with its visual identity.

It finally found solid ground in 1995 when red was chosen as the primary color of the brand’s logo. In 2009, the company redesigned its logo. And since then, red has maintained its authority.

The new logo comprises a Ducati crest outlined in matte silver with the shade of red in the middle and over its brand’s name again in the matte silver. The overall composition cleverly showcases the brand’s individuality, strength, and appeal.

7. Daihatsu

  • Founded: March 1, 1907
  • Headquarters: Ikeda, Osaka, Japan
  • Owners: Toyota
  • Official Website: DAIHATSU
Red car logo with lines

If you are intrigued by car logos that are red and white and wish to own a ride featuring one, then the Daihatsu is the brand. Daihatsu is a Japanese automobile car-making company, making it easy to understand this brand’s love for red.

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The company has used red in its logos since the 1950s but has kept experimenting with different shades. Over the years, you can find Daihatsu logos featuring dark yet calm red tones to bright & lively ones.

Daihatsu’s brand logo comprises a white D in a red square. The bright red color around the bright white depicts the company as dynamic, stimulating, and full of energy.

8. BYD

  • Founded: 2003
  • Headquarters: Shenzhen, China
  • Owners: BYD Company
  • Official Website: BYD
Red car logo triangle

BYD is a Chinese automotive company well-known for manufacturing plug-in hybrid and passenger battery electric vehicles. This company has been using red for its brand representation since 2005. BYD has one of the simplest red and white car logos you will see on a car.

The logo comprises the initial BYD in red on a white background enclosed with a red circle. The current BYD logo uses dark and dramatic shades of red that showcase the brand’s growing authority in the new energy vehicles sector. Also, the simplicity adds professionalism.

9. Ariel Motor Company

  • Founded: 1991
  • Headquarters: Crewkerne, United Kingdom
  • Owners: Simon Saunders
  • Official Website: ARIEL
Car logos that are red

Ariel, or Ariel Motor Company, is one of the smallest British automobile manufacturing companies. It employs just 30 people, who work on producing up to 100 cars per year.

This small yet powerful company has a simple yet eye-catching logo. The logo comprises a geometric “A” shape in white color on a red circular background.

Behind this shape, the letters of the brand name appear in red. The bold geometric elements and bright shade of red make the current Ariel logo much more interesting and engaging than its former ones.

10. MG Motor

  • Founded: April 12, 2006
  • Headquarters: Marylebone, London, United Kingdom
  • Owners: SAIC Motor UK
  • Official Website: MG
Car brand logos that are red

Another minimalist car logos that are red is of the British automaker MG Motors. The logo comprises the letters “M” and “G” in red on a white background with a regular octagon, which is also in red.

The bright shade of red symbolizes the brand’s revival and noteworthy progress it has been making since its overtake by Chinese company SAIC Motor.

MG Motors has given a clever contemporary outlook to its brand’s identity. Plus, the red showcases positivity and strength.

11. Bugatti

  • Founded: 1909
  • Headquarters: Molsheim, France
  • Owners: BUGATTI RIMAC Group
  • Official Website: BUGATTI
Car logos that are red and white

If you have ever wondered if any car logos are red and black, then the obvious answer is the Bugatti. Bugatti is a German and then French manufacturer of high-performance automobiles.

The company’s logo has the presence of red color in the dark hue. The logo comprises the word “Bugatti” in uppercase in white color and the “EB” abbreviation in black above it, with a horizontal oval-shaped dark red background.

The exterior of the oval background comprises 60 tiny red dots over a white background, further enclosed by a thin, red, horizontal oval shape.

Bugatti has used red forever, as it strongly shows the brand’s power and passion in its field. In addition, the back represents excellence and courage, while the white represents elegance and nobility.

12. Fiat

  • Founded: July 11,1899
  • Headquarters: Turin, Italy
  • Owners: Stellantis
  • Official Website: FIAT
Car logos that are red and white

Fiat is among the top iconic Italian car brands with a strong global presence. Fiat is one of the few automakers whose logos have gone through massive changes over the years. The current Fiat logo was redesigned in 2020. It consists of the word “FIAT” in uppercase, where letters feature straighter lines.

The color of the emblem is scarlet red over a white background, making the logo look more bright and chic. The new Fiat logo is a definition of minimalist, but despite this, it strongly reflects the brand’s passion and competence.

13. GMC

  • Founded: 1911
  • Headquarters: Detroit, MI, USA
  • Owners: General Motors
  • Official Website: GMC
Famous car logos that are red

If you wish to own American car logos that are red, then GMC is a great brand to consider. GMC is a subsidiary of General Motors and mainly manufactures SUVs, pickup trucks, vans, and light-duty trucks.

GMC has undergone logo change six times since its establishment in 1911, with one thing remaining constant: red. The current GMC logo was introduced in 2014.

It features the letters “GMC” in its original geometric style with squared angles. The shades of letters have increased intensity, showing them darker than before.

Also, the letters are stretched to be a lot broader, and the border width is also increased. The dark hue of red fills up the interior space of the letters. The metallic grey, white, and black colors in certain parts of the logo give it a more vibrant and automotive feel.

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The red symbolizes GMC’s decades-old dedication to automobiles. At the same time, the other colors show the changes and ups & downs the company has seen in its lifetime.

14. Vauxhall Motors

  • Founded: 1857
  • Headquarters: Luton, United Kingdom
  • Owners: Opel, Stellantis, General Motors Europe
  • Official Website: VAUXHALL
Old car logos that are red

Vauxhall Motors Limited is another British car company with a red logo. The logo comprises two colors, red and white, which the company has used since the beginning of the 1980s.

Vauxhall’s logo features a mythological creature, Griffin, who has the body of a lion but the head of an eagle in red on a white background placed inside a circle with a red circumference.

On the side of the griffin is the letter V in white with a red background. Overall, the logo showcases the perfect balance between red and white. 

You can see the strong and vibrant shades of red in the logo, showcasing the brand’s presence and authority in the automotive world since the 1800s.

With a griffin painted red, the logo projects an image of the brand being stable, strong, energetic, powerful, and masculine.

15. Tatra

  • Founded: 1850
  • Headquarters: Kopřivnice, Czechia
  • Owners: Czechoslovak Group
  • Official Website: TATRA
Car logos that are red and black

Tatra is a Czech automobile manufacturer and the world’s third-oldest motor vehicle-producing company. The company carries the old roots and simplicity into modern times. And you can see this in their logo as well.

Red is the logo’s main color, with some white present in it. This color palette has been used since the 1920s. The logo comprises the word “Tatra” written in uppercase in white over a red circular background. The circumference of the circle is thick and of metallic silver.

Earlier, the company had used a dark red shade that gave the royal and sophisticated feel. But over the years, the shade on the Tatra badge has become brighter and blends with modern times.

Presently, the logo features a gradient red shade in combination with red and metallic silver, creating a strong contrast and eye-catching visual.

16. UD Trucks

  • Founded: December 1, 1935
  • Headquarters: Ageo, Saitama, Japan
  • Owners: Isuzu Motors Ltd., AB Volvo
  • Official Website: UD TRUCKS
Car logos that are red

UD Trucks is a Japanese company that primarily manufactures diesel buses, trucks, bus chassis, and special-purpose vehicles. This is one of the prominent Japanese companies featuring red car logos. Glossy red and silver color palettes are the primary colors.

UD Trucks’ logo comprises the initials “UD” in silver on an oval-shaped red background. The circumference of the oval background is thick and of silver color.

The combination of red and silver hues gives the design volume and depth. Despite being in the background, the red immediately catches attention.

The fiery red and sophisticated silver effortlessly convey the brand’s image as a robust automobile manufacturer offering reliability and trust.

17. Microcar

  • Founded: 1984
  • Headquarters: France
  • Owners: Ligier
  • Official Website: MICROCAR
Car brand logos that are red

Microcar is a French automaker well known for making microcars or small cars. The company is known for its sophistication and simplicity, which one can see in its logo.

Microcar has one of the simplest and most modest logos. The logo comprises the word “Microcar” in uppercase in white color on an oval-shaped red background with two white arcs on either side.

The circumference of the oval background is thick and silver in color. The bright red background helps bring out the metallic silver shade in the best possible way.

This contrast offers great readability and a good visual impact. With no additional embellishments to the overall design, UD Microcar’s logo perfectly embodies the brand’s philosophy of simplicity and great functionality.

18. Venturi Automobiles

  • Founded: 1984
  • Headquarters: Monaco
  • Owners: Gildo Pallanca Pastor
  • Official Website: VENTURI
Car logos that are red and white

Venturi Automobiles is a Monaco-based automobile manufacturer with red car logos. The company has one of the most simple yet stylish and progressive logos that show it rising from its ashes and moving forward to achieve success and greatness.

The logo comprises a large and wide uppercase “V” in red with the text “Venturi” below it in the same color. Venturi last redesigned its logo in 2013. And this sophisticated version has been going strong since then.

19. Gillet

  • Founded: 1992
  • Headquarters: Gembloux, Belgium
  • Owners: Tony Gillet
  • Official Website: GILLET
Car logos that are red and black

Gillet is a Belgian car-making company founded by former racing driver Tony Gillet. The company is well known for producing Vertigo sports coupes, ultra-lightweight ‘bespoke,’ and hand-built sports cars. 

Gillet is among the few car brands that feature car logos that are red and black. The logo comprises the letter “G” in uppercase in white color in horizontal multi-oval-shaped circles.

The letter “G” has a red background with mixed shades of dark and light red. The exterior of this red background is covered with tiny yellow triangles. They are placed on the entire circumference with a black background, forming an oval shape.

The structure is encapsulated with a white border, further encircled by a thick black outline. Finally, the outermost layer of this horizontal oval shape has a thick white outline.

Gillet’s logo seems simple, but so much is happening inside. The concentric oval shapes showcase the brand’s superiority in different car segments.

The red color perfectly blends with white, yellow, and black hues and pops out in a way that surely gets your attention. Gillet is about making supercars, and the logo perfectly depicts the brand’s super vibe.

20. Jawa Moto

  • Founded: 1929
  • Headquarters: Týnec nad Sázavou, Czechia
  • Owners: Jihostroj
  • Official Website: JAWA
Famous car logos that are red

Jawa is a Czechoslovakian automotive company that manufactures motorcycles and mopeds. The company’s logo is more traditional and depicts the brand’s heritage, elegance, and confidence in its manufacturing.

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The logo comprises the text “Jawa” written in uppercase in red color over a white background. Below the text is a symbol comprising concentric circles and lines that symbolize the rays coming out. This entire text and symbol are then further enclosed in an oval-shaped circle with a thick, red outline.

The red color here is dark and looks good with white. However, the shade does not show any charm. It gives the retro vibe, and the brand does come off as an oldie but goodie.

21. Cagiva

  • Founded: 1950
  • Headquarters: Varese, Italy
  • Owners: MV Agusta
  • Official Website: CAGIVA
Car brand logos that are red

Cagiva is an Italian manufacturer of motorcycles. Originally, the company produced small metal components, but in the 1970s, it shifted into the motorcycle industry. Red was not always part of the company’s identity. They were more on black and gray sides.

However, when the company redesigned its logo in 2000, it chose red as its primary color and has been going strong since then. In its current logo, Cagiva has its iconic elephant’s head in color red over a white background encircled in an oval shape with uneven width that forms the shape “C” if you look closely.

The circle is red; beneath it, the text “Cagiva” is in uppercase in red color. Overall, in its new red and white logo, Cagiva has smartly kept its heritage of the elephant symbol and has shown its willingness to change with time by cleverly placing the elephant and not forcing it.

22. Hero MotoCorp

  • Founded: January 19, 1984
  • Headquarters: New Delhi, India
  • Owners: Honda, Pawan Munjal
  • Official Website: HERO
Car logos that are red

Hero MotoCorp Limited is an Indian multinational company that primarily produces motorcycles and scooters. It is the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer. Regarding the brand image, Hero has a simple yet sophisticated placement of red color in its logo.

The logo comprises the text “Hero” in sentence case in red, preceded by two vertical bars. The first bar is red in color, while the second is black.

Overall, the logo clearly shows the company’s name with two vertical bars cleverly making an uppercase “H.” Hero’s logo is minimalist, clear, and effectively showcases the company’s progress and global presence in the best possible way.

Top FAQs About Car Brand Logos That Are Red

Are there any car logos that are red and green?

YES. Alpha Romeo and Ferrari’s brand logos blend red and green hues perfectly.

The Alfa Romeo logo comprises a green coiled serpent Visconti on the right and a Milanese red cross on the right over a silver circular background.

These symbols are then encircled by two concentric circles whose circumferences are of silver.

In between these concentric circles, the name “Alfa Romeo” is written in uppercase in white color over a blue background.

On the other hand, Ferrari has a minute presence of red and green colors. The logo comprises a black horse on a yellow background shaped like a shield.

Over the shield are three strips of colors: green, white, and red, symbolizing the Italian flag.

Thus, you can see that while Alfa Romeo has a strong presence of red and green in its logo, Ferrari has a minute presence but a strong symbolization.

What is the Dodge Stripes logo?

After the Dodge and Ram truck brands separated, Dodge created its own logo to show its unique identity by ditching the Ram truck symbol.

The Dodge company then unveiled a new logo featuring the Dodge script followed by two diagonal red stripes.

As per the company, their new stripes logo gives the “forever young” vibe or attitude and emphasizes the company’s performance car history.

However, this new Dodge stripes logo is limited to the company’s official websites, marketing, and merchandise. It does not appear on Dodge’s vehicles and dealerships.

Are there any defunct car brands with red logos?

YES. There are a few car brands that are no longer functioning but have had a strong presence of red color in their logos.

Pontiac and Saturn Corporation were both American automakers with red logos.

The Pontiac’s logo was inverted two concentric triangles with a star symbol in the center. The star and the width between the two triangles were in metallic silver, and the inner part of the inner triangle was dark red.

Saturn’s logo comprises a red square with two curvy wave lines in white crossing each other. Finally, the text “Saturn” was in uppercase at the end of the square in black color.

What is the red diamond car logo called?

If there is a logo design on a vehicle that comprises three red diamonds joined together through tips, it symbolizes the Mitsubishi car brand.

The logo is mainly associated with quality, reliability, and affordability, which Mitsubishi cars bear.

Which car company has a red logo?

Only a few auto manufacturers worldwide have a strong presence of red color in their brand image via their logos.

If red is your color and you wish to own a ride or brand that has an integral connection to the red hues, then our list of top companies with car logos that are red can help you:

  • Kia
  • Tesla
  • Suzuki
  • Mitsubishi
  • Isuzu
  • Ducati
  • Daihatsu
  • BYD
  • Ariel Motor Company
  • MG Motor
  • Bugatti
  • Fiat
  • GMC
  • Vauxhall Motors
  • Tatra
  • UD Trucks
  • Microcar
  • Venturi Automobiles
  • Gillet
  • Jawa Moto
  • Cagiva
  • Hero MotoCorp


If you are exclusively looking for car logos that are red and wish to own one, there are several global car brands featuring this trait.

This article covers the top 20 global automakers whose logos have a strong presence of red color. In addition, these car brands are hailed globally for producing great cars, motorcycles, trucks, SUVs, and more.

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