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9 Best 4-door Sports Cars Under 20k – Fastest Car To Buy In 2024

Sports cars under 20k

Welcome to our guide on the best 4-door sports cars you can buy for less than $20,000 in 2024. In a world where fancy cars can cost a lot of money, we’re here to help you find exciting and affordable options. 

This blog post is like a treasure map for people who want a cool car that doesn’t cost too much. We’ve done all the research for you and picked out nine amazing cars. These cars give you the thrill of driving fast and looking stylish, all without hurting your wallet too much. 

Whether you’re a car expert or just want a fun car for your daily drives, these cars have great power and handling, and they won’t cost you a fortune. Join us as we explore these affordable sports cars under 20k and help you pick the perfect one for your 2024 adventures.

Discover The 9 Top 4-door Sports Cars Under $20K For 2024

Discover the ultimate list of 9 top 4-door sports cars under $20,000 for 2024. We’ve scoured the market to bring you affordable speed and style. These cars offer thrilling performance without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a car enthusiast or simply looking for an exciting daily driver, this list has you covered. 

From nimble handling to impressive horsepower, these affordable options deliver the complete sports car experience. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of the excitement in 2024.

Get ready to hit the road in style without denting your budget with these fantastic 4-door sports cars under 20k.

1. 2016 Subaru Impreza

sports cars under 20k

The 2016 Subaru Impreza is a standout in the compact car segment, offering a winning combination of versatility, safety, and all-wheel-drive capability. Renowned for its practicality and reliability, the Impreza provides a well-rounded driving experience.

Under the hood, you’ll typically find a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that strikes a balance between performance and fuel efficiency. The symmetrical all-wheel drive, a hallmark of Subaru, ensures confident traction in various driving conditions, making it a favorite among those living in regions with challenging weather.

Inside the cabin, the 2016 Impreza offers comfortable seating and a user-friendly infotainment system, enhancing the overall driving experience. Its roomy interior and well-thought-out design provide ample space for passengers and cargo.

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Safety is a strong suit for the Impreza, with features like Subaru’s EyeSight driver assistance system available. This compact car also boasts impressive crash test scores, providing peace of mind on the road.

In summary, the 2016 Subaru Impreza stands as a reliable and practical choice in the compact car segment, appealing to those who prioritize all-wheel drive, safety, and versatility in their daily driving experience.

2. 2016 Ford Focus

4-door Sports Cars

The 2016 Ford Focus is a versatile and dynamic compact car that excels in various aspects. Known for its sharp handling and engaging driving dynamics, it’s a favorite among enthusiasts. Under the hood, you can find a range of engines, including efficient four-cylinders and potent turbocharged options, catering to different preferences. The interior is comfortable and well-designed, with user-friendly technology.

The Focus also offers a variety of body styles, from the practical sedan to the sporty hatchback. With its attractive styling and a strong emphasis on driving enjoyment, the 2016 Ford Focus continues to be a popular choice in the competitive compact car segment.

3. 2017 Hyundai Elantra

sporty 4 door cars

The 2017 Hyundai Elantra may not shout “sports car” at first glance but don’t underestimate its sportier trim levels. These variants receive sport-tuned suspensions and unique styling cues that transform the Elantra into a budget-friendly sporty 4-door car. The interior is well-crafted, with comfortable seats and user-friendly technology.

Its nimble handling and responsive steering make it surprisingly fun to drive, offering a blend of practicality and sportiness that’s hard to beat in the segment of 4-door sports cars under 20k.

If you’re looking for a daily driver that can inject a bit of excitement into your commute without sacrificing affordability, the 2017 Elantra is worth considering.

4. 2016 Chevrolet Cruze

cheap sports cars under 20k

In the world of compact sedans, the 2016 Chevrolet Cruze stands out as a sporty and stylish option. With its precise handling and an available turbocharged engine, it brings a dose of excitement to the category of sporty 4-door cars under 20k.

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The interior boasts quality materials and ample passenger space, enhancing its appeal as a practical yet sporty choice. The Cruze’s nimble chassis allows for confident cornering, making it a delightful companion on winding roads.

Whether you’re navigating city streets or embarking on a road trip, the 2016 Cruze delivers a balanced blend of performance and efficiency, making it a solid contender among affordable sports cars under 20k.

5. 2016 Honda Civic

best sports cars under 20k

The 2016 Honda Civic is a standout in the compact car segment, renowned for its reliability, efficiency, and well-rounded performance. Under its stylish exterior, you’ll find a choice of fuel-efficient engines, including a spirited four-cylinder option, making it appealing to a wide range of drivers.

The Civic’s interior boasts quality materials, comfortable seating, and an intuitive infotainment system. Its spacious cabin provides ample room for both passengers and cargo.

With responsive handling and a comfortable ride, the 2016 Civic strikes an excellent balance between driving enjoyment and practicality, making it a top choice for those seeking a dependable and efficient compact car.

6. 2016 Mazda Mazda3

4 door sports cars under 20k

The 2016 Mazda Mazda3 is a shining star among compact sedans, offering a harmonious blend of sportiness, style, and affordability. Its sleek exterior design hints at its agile nature, while the interior impresses with high-quality materials and user-friendly technology.

The Mazda3 stands out in the realm of sporty 4-door cars under 20k, thanks to its responsive chassis and an optional peppy engine. Whether you’re navigating crowded city streets or tackling winding country roads, the Mazda3 delivers precise handling and an engaging driving experience.

It’s not just practical; it’s genuinely fun to drive. This car’s reputation for reliability and fuel efficiency further solidifies its position as a top choice in the category of affordable sports cars under 20k. The 2016 Mazda3 proves that you don’t have to compromise on driving enjoyment to stay within your budget.

7. 2016 Nissan Sentra

best sports cars under $20k 2023

The 2016 Nissan Sentra is a practical and efficient compact sedan that focuses on providing comfort and value for its passengers. Known for its spacious interior and generous trunk space, the Sentra is a favorite among those seeking practicality.

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Under the hood, it typically houses a fuel-efficient four-cylinder engine, prioritizing economy over high performance. The interior is well-designed, featuring user-friendly technology and comfortable seating. The 2016 Sentra excels as a daily driver, offering a smooth ride and impressive fuel efficiency.

While it may not be a sports car, it appeals to those looking for a dependable and budget-friendly compact sedan for their daily commute.

8. 2016 Dodge Dart

4 seat sports cars under 20k

The 2016 Dodge Dart is a compact sedan that surprises with its sporty character. With nimble handling and an available turbocharged engine, it sets itself apart in the category of 4-door sports cars under 20k.

The Dart’s exterior design is sleek and modern, and its cabin boasts comfortable seating and user-friendly technology. What truly stands out is the driving experience. The Dart’s responsive steering and precise chassis tuning make it enjoyable to navigate through twists and turns.

The available turbocharged engine provides ample power for merging onto highways and passing slower traffic.

In the world of affordable sports cars under 20k, the 2016 Dart offers a unique combination of practicality and spirited driving, appealing to budget-conscious buyers who crave a dose of excitement in their daily commute. It’s a compact sedan that defies expectations and delivers driving fun without compromise.

9. 2016 Toyota Corolla

sports cars under 20k

The 2016 Toyota Corolla may not be the first car that comes to mind in the world of sporty 4-door cars, but its sportier trim levels offer a more engaging driving experience.

Known for its legendary reliability and practicality, the Corolla gains an extra layer of excitement in these trims. The exterior receives subtle sporty touches, and the interior features comfortable seating and straightforward controls.

Its nimble handling and responsive steering enhance the driving experience, making it more enjoyable than the typical commuter sedan. In the realm of cheap sports cars under 20k, the 2016 Corolla shines as an affordable and dependable choice.

It’s a vehicle that proves you can have practicality and a touch of sportiness, making it an excellent option for those seeking a budget-friendly daily driver with a hint of fun.

Top FAQs About Cheap Sports Cars Under 20k

What makes 4-door sports cars under $20,000 an attractive choice for buyers?

4-door sports cars under $20,000 offer an enticing combination of affordability and performance. They provide the thrill of driving a sports car without breaking the bank, making them a great choice for budget-conscious enthusiasts.

Are 4-door sports cars practical for everyday use, or are they mainly designed for performance?

Many 4-door sports cars are designed with practicality in mind. They often have spacious interiors, comfortable seating, and modern technology, making them suitable for daily commuting and family use while still delivering an exciting driving experience.

How do 4-door sports cars differ from traditional sports cars?

4-door sports cars offer the best of both worlds by combining the performance and handling of traditional sports cars with the convenience of having four doors and a larger cabin. This makes them more versatile for various driving needs.

What should buyers consider when shopping for a 4-door sports car under $20,000?

When shopping for an affordable 4-door sports car, consider factors like the car’s performance, handling, reliability, maintenance costs, and available features. It’s also essential to research the specific make and model, check for any recalls or issues, and take a test drive to ensure it meets your expectations


In conclusion, the world of 4-door sports cars under $20,000 offers an exhilarating ride for those who crave both performance and practicality. These vehicles prove that you don’t need to empty your wallet to experience the thrill of driving a sports car.

From timeless classics like the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger to the unexpected sportiness of models like the Toyota Corolla and Hyundai Elantra, there’s a diverse range of options to suit various tastes and needs.

Whether you’re a dedicated automotive enthusiast or simply seeking a more exciting daily driver, these cars demonstrate that you can have it all without sacrificing your budget. With impressive handling, responsive engines, and eye-catching designs, these 4-door sports cars redefine what it means to combine affordability with driving enjoyment.

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