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best auto car insurance companies

Your car is one of your biggest investments which is why you need to ensure its safety in every manner. Car insurance is one of the first things that you need to purchase and this is why we bring you some of the best car auto insurance companies.

Having insurance for your vehicle is not only about a choice but also stated by law in the USA. 48 states in the country require car insurance by law.

Insurance is like a safety net that shields you from unexpected vehicle incidents. And with the rise in car insurance rates, you need to find an insurer you can trust. 

As every car owner in the country needs insurance to sit behind the wheels, it is always advised to look for the best. 

The best car auto insurance offers a customer-friendly service starting from quote claim, to managing policies, making payments, and making the claim.

But as the market is swamped with various big and small insurance providers, finding the right one can be a struggle. This is why we bring you our list of car insurance companies to consider in March 2022.

With thorough research, comparison, and customer satisfaction rate, we present you with our top picks with detailed descriptions.

Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies In the USA

Price is one of the most crucial factors to consider when looking for car insurance. Most people look out for the cheapest one, however, cheap does not always scream quality.

Price can be the base of your search but you can not make the final decision based on this alone. You require to consider the company’s costs, at-hand discounts, claim filing process, and overall customer satisfaction rate.

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Below we have listed the 9 best auto car insurance companies you can check out if you want to purchase a new policy to secure your ride.

  1. Geico
  2. State Farm
  3. USAA
  4. Nationwide
  5. Travelers
  6. Allstate
  7. Progressive
  8. Farmers
  9. Amica

How To Decide If A Car Insurance Company Is Best For You?

We can represent you with our list of the best automobile insurance companies to check out but we surely can not pinpoint the one perfect for you. You can only decide that based on your requirements & circumstances.

However, we sure can help you find the best from the bunch. Most of the time people face a hard time finding the right insurance company because they do not know how to begin the work.

This is why created this guide that can tell you if an insurance company is worth considering or not.

  • Affordable Payments

The first thing you need to know about rates is that the best insurance will not come at cheap rates.

A good car insurance company will provide you with affordable payment options meaning not too cheap but not overbearing which put holes in your pocket.

  • Easy Claim Filing Process

The best insurance companies on the market offer easy claims processes. It means you do not get a bulk of paperwork to fill up to get what you deserve.

A trustworthy company will make it easy for you to process your policy with the least effort required.

  • Simplicity

Gone are the days when you needed to visit your insurance company for every little query you have. Today the best companies are at your disposal.

You can apply, renew, make monthly payments, get expert assistance, and more on your phone.

So, if a company can not provide you the ease of usage then it is not a good one to consider.

  • Excellent Customer Service

The superior standard or non-standard auto insurance companies offer excellent customer service. They ensure their customers have every query answered and are available around the clock.

How a company handles its customers tells a lot about it.

  • Offer Great Coverage

A great car insurance provider will always offer great coverage, meaning you get what you signed up for. Imagine how would you feel if you take a policy but it only covers one or two aspects of accidents in it or worse it does not provide the protection you require.

Going for such a company will only make you lose your money. So, check out how much coverage does the company offer and how well are the claim amount.

  • Excellent Online Presence

A brilliant insurance company will have an excellent online presence making it easier for you to reach out to them. A company with a messy profile and hard-to-locate scenario is the one you should be far away from.

  • Honest Online Reviews

The best car auto insurance companies have honest online reviews, meaning it is good but always holds honesty.

People always find a thing or two a tad annoying or disappointing about the companies or products they adore.

So, check if the reviews have both positive and negative aspects or hold only bad or only good remarks.

The one with both good & bad experiences of customers is the one with the more transparent working procedure and should be worth looking into.

A company with all the flattery and good reviews is most likely to be a scam that you should avoid at any cost. 

  • Trusted Third Party Ratings

The USA is storming with thousands of car insurance businesses which makes it hard to separate the best from the worst. This is why there are some experts who offer a true assessment of a company’s performance to the consumers.

The top names like J.D. Power customer satisfaction ratings, National Association Of Insurance Commissioners(NAIC) consumer complaint index grades, and AM BEST offer honest reviews about a firm that tells if a company is good to pursue or not.

You can find this information online or you can ask an auto insurance agent to help you obtain this type of information about the company you are interested in.

If you find an auto insurance company with these features at their best then you can trust such a company with your hard-earned money.

9 Auto Car Insurance Companies To Look Our For In April 2022:

Every car owner wants his vehicle to be secure and is willing to get insurance for the similar. However, finding insurance is not just as easy as it seems. 

Just the way you dedicate your time & energy to find the right automobile for yourself, similar dedication is needed to find the right insurance coverage.

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Thus, today we bring you various types of car insurance companies that will not only offer you acceptable prices but also the best services in the market.

We based our end result by evaluating various large car insurance firms based on their coverage features, prices, customer satisfaction rate, and how understandable the terms & conditions are.

We mostly relied on real customer feedback to help you all find the best insurance policy for your vehicle. Apart from this, we had help from the top third-party reviewing experts like J.D Power and NAIC.

Below we have our top nine picks with in-depth details that are ideal commercial auto insurance for car rental companies& individuals. Go through each to find the best one as per your requirements.

1. Geico – Car Auto Insurance Company

  • Center: Chevy Chase, Maryland
  • Market share: 13.6%
  • Average annual premium for full coverage: $1,304
  • Average Annual Minimum Cover Premium: $343

The first placer on our list of best car auto insurance companies is Geico. It is one of the biggest & most prominent names you will come across during your search for auto insurance.

The company offers competitive yet affordable insurance rates for different customers making it worth your consideration, a huge range of coverage, and a reputable service. Apart from its standard features, Geico also offers some pleasant add-ons like Emergency roadside assistance, Rental reimbursement, Mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI), and Rideshare insurance.

Not only this, Geico holds strong financial backing to pay its customer’s claims, has a robust customer service reputation, and amazing numbers regarding customer satisfaction. The J.D. Power 2021 study shows how customers were happy with their claims, billing, price, policy, and other services.

Geico holds about thirteen percent of the US insurance market share. The rates are affordable as you only have to pay about $1,304 per year on average for full insurance coverage. Apart from this, you get a good driver discount, a good student discount, and a multi-vehicle discount.

Lastly, Geico provides coverage for almost every type of driver but is one of the best for high-risk drivers like the one with DUI convictions. You might complain about high rates but to be honest it is hard for such drivers to get insurance in the first place.


  • Strong financial stability
  • Easily available to high-risk drivers
  • Easy-to-use mobile application
  • Offer various discounts
  • Offers accident forgiveness
  • Offer a usage-based insurance program for drivers who want to reduce their insurance rates based on their driving habits
  • Affordable full coverage policies
  • High rate of customer satisfaction
  • You can pay bills or request roadside assistance with the company’s smartphone application
  • Discounts available to federal & military employees, seniors, and students


  • The expensive rate for risky drivers(DUI)
  • Do not offer gap insurance
  • The new replacement coverage is not there
  • The number of in-person local agents is low as compared to its competition
  • The Accident Forgiveness is not available in CA, CT, and MA

2. State Farm

  • Center: Bloomington, Illinois
  • Market share: 16.2%
  • Average annual premium for full coverage: $1,381
  • Average Annual Minimum Cover Premium: $424

State Fram is one of the best car insurance providers for general customer service and for claim satisfaction.

This company offers highly affordable rates, and easy insurance claims, and is highly popular among the people. A driver needs to pay an estimate of $1,381 annually for complete insurance coverage.

State Farm holds excellent customer satisfaction ratings and impressive claims satisfaction. The company sure holds a few complaints but they are negligible to its impressive performance of helping drivers secure their drive.

It also holds great ratings from NAIC & J.D. Power and an  A++ rating from AM Best. 

You get thirteen discounts with this insurance, emergency road service coverage, car rental & travel expenses coverage, rideshare driver coverage, good grades, safe driving, defensive driving, vehicle safety features, and driving course completion.

It is one of the few companies to offer usage-based & safe driving discounts to young drivers.

Drive safe & save and Steer clear are the two prominent discount programs of this insurance company that is available via mobile applications. This is the best choice, especially if you do not have a military affiliation. Most consumers claim it to be the insurance that holds the best overall value and are more than willing to renew their policy with the company.

Furthermore, State Farm Insurance company boasts more than 18,000 licensed insurance professionals across the country who can help you get unbiased professional guidance about your policy.

Lastly, the digital management option makes it even more convenient. You can contact your agent or file your claims via an application on your smartphone. 


  • Large network of local agents
  • Excellent financial strength
  • Available nationwide
  • Ideal insurance to great average rates to help young drivers save money
  • Usage-based program is also available for drivers willing to be monitored to try to get a discount based on driving habits
  • Above-industry-average ratings for claims service


  • Not ideal for high-risk drivers or drivers with poor credit
  • Do not offer gap insurance
  • Do not offer new car replacement coverage and accident forgiveness
  • The website readability score is low which can make it hard to understand


  • Center: San Antonio, Texas
  • Market share: 6.3%
  • Average annual premium for full coverage: $1,272
  • Average Annual Minimum Cover Premium: $355

The next up on the list is USAA, the fifth-largest auto insurer in the USA. It is one of the most highly rated, affordable, and easy-to-purchase car insurance in the United States. 

The only thing to know is that this is exclusive insurance for the military community. It means the only people who can purchase this insurance are the veterans, active duty service members, and their family members.

The company tries to offer unique features to make the life of its customers more convenient. And one such feature is the vehicle storage discounts when on deployment & automatic payment schedules. If the vehicle is still driven, you can ask for USAA roadside assistance to ensure your ride and its driver are taken care of when on road.

One of the best things about this insurer is that it is the only name on our list with impeccable ratings from third-party rating agencies for customers’ service & financial strength. If you get this insurance for your auto you get the lowest average full coverage premium list, multiple coverage options, discounts, and rewards.

It is one of the popular auto insurance which provides some of the lowest-priced insurance coverage in the market around $1,272 annually. Also, the company has a good customer satisfaction rate. People love the easy filing process for the claim and the frequent updates regarding its status.

lastly, some of the optional coverage you can get are roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, accident forgiveness, glass coverage, guaranteed asset protection (GAP insurance), car replacement assistance (CRA), and rideshare insurance.


  • Excellent customer service 
  • Impressive financial strength ratings
  • Low average rates
  • Military-focused coverage options
  • Rare earthquake coverage is offered
  • You also get accident forgiveness & new car replacement
  • Offers a rideshare insurance coverage option


  • The online quote process is a little lengthy
  • Only for veterans & active-duty members of the military, and their immediate families.
  • Fewer specialty coverage options than other companies

4. Nationwide

  • Center: Columbus, Ohio
  • Market share: 2.3%
  • Average annual premium for full coverage: $1,301
  • Average Annual Minimum Cover Premium: $465

If you are second-guessing your current car insurance policy and want to alter them then Nationwide is the one for you. This insurer offers decent insurance rates for your car along with many add-on coverages. With this one, you will get coverage based on your needs.

$1,301 is what you might need to pay annually for your insurance which is an overall feasible amount.

This insurer holds an excellent online presence making it easy for the customers to get answers to all their queries like how to customize their insurance policy and more. With Nationwide customers can choose how their policy will work under the company. Nationwide offers a long range of commercial and personal insurance products.

You get optional coverages like rental car coverage, towing, and gap coverage which is helpful if you loan or lease your ride. The company has SmartRide&SmartMiles telematics programs that can help the customers either earn a discount based on their safe driving habits or provide a flexible premium based on their vehicle usage. 

However, the optional coverage is not as attractive as some other insurers in the market.

Apart from so much to offer, Nationwide holds an excellent customer satisfaction rating. Lastly, the insurer holds good third-party ratings.


  • Offer pay per mile and usage-based insurance for customers who desire lower insurance rates based on their driving skills.
  • Good third-party ratings
  • Available in most states
  • Comparatively affordable rates for drivers with poor credit.
  • Offers accident forgiveness, new car replacement, & vanishing deductible choices to add to your policy
  • Good customer support rating


  • High car insurance premiums for other drivers
  • Do not offer rideshare insurance coverage
  • The accident forgiveness add-on is not available in all states
  • Smart Ride & Smart Miles discount availability depends on your coverage choice and the state you reside

5. Travelers

  • Center: New York City, New York
  • Market share percentage: 2.0%
  • Average annual premium for full coverage: $1,568
  • Average Annual Minimum Cover Premium: $508

Travelers is one of the oldest auto insurance companies running in the country. It is a strong firm with an excellent independent agent network and a proven financial track record, making it worth your time & money.

Travelers is a viable choice if you are under a strict budget. The average full coverage auto insurance costs you about $1,568, which is still below the national average.

You get various car insurance discounts like consistent payment, deals for affinity group members, and IntelliDrive. IntelliDrive is a proprietary usage-based insurance program that tracks the customer’s driving in real-time & awards discounts for safe practices.

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Travelers’ various coverage options include liability, collision, comprehensive, personal injury protection, and medical expenses. 

Apart from these, you get additional coverage options like loan/lease gap coverage, rental reimbursement, accident forgiveness, new car replacement, and roadside assistance. 

The customer satisfaction rate for the company varies from state to state but overall it is above average.

Travelers are one of the best classic car insurance companies and offer the best price for GAP insurance in the market.


  • Offer the best price for GAP insurance
  • Highest financial strength rating from AM Best
  • Low premiums
  • Competitive discounts
  • Many policy options
  • IntelliDrive program help in getting a good discount
  • Offers accident forgiveness and also minor violation forgiveness
  • Good average auto rates for drivers with a DUI as compared to others


  • If you desire to add a teenage driver to your policy, the rates become high
  • The rideshare insurance is only available in a few states
  • The average claims satisfaction score is low

6. Allstate

  • Center: Northbrook, Illinois
  • Market share: 9.1%
  • Average annual premium for full coverage: $2,390
  • Average Annual Minimum Cover Premium: $520

Allstate is one of the biggest insurance companies in the country which makes trusting it quite easy. It offers a wide range of insurances making it a good choice to go for multiple insurances and get a high-end discount.

Allstate is also one of the best insurance companies for young drivers. Adding a young driver like your teen child to your policy can be expensive but with this insurance provider, you can do it at affordable rates.

The company offers an impressive selection of coverage choices like disappearing deductibles, accident forgiveness, distant student discount, and more. It has a reward program that provides additional benefits like earning points for gift cards, hotels, and other perks.

It is one of the rare insurance companies that offer custom equipment coverage. However, the rates are a little higher than the average. This is ideal for people who own antique & classic cars.

Allstate also offers a usage-based Drivewise telematics program that can help you get an additional discount if you practice good driving habits. 

Lastly, the company holds good third-party scores for customer satisfaction in some states while in some it goes below average.


  • Affordable to add teen drivers to your policy
  • A+ financial strength rating from AM Best
  • Good selection of coverage options
  • Drivewise is a good choice for good drivers to get an extra discount
  • Offers accident forgiveness and new car replacement coverages


  • Higher-than-average rates for customers with poor credit or DUI
  • Customer satisfaction scores vary by region
  • The Drivewise program is not available in every state
  • The premiums value is affected by whether you purchased the insurance via a local agent or online

7. Progressive – Insurance Provider

  • Center: Mayfield Village, Ohio
  • Market share: 13.3%
  • Average annual premium for full coverage: $1,533
  • Average Annual Minimum Cover Premium: $507

If you are looking for the best car auto insurance company then what is better than the third largest one in the United States? Progressive is a robust insurance provider that offers a huge range of insurances for your home, vehicles, boats, etc.

As a buyer, you can find various options as per your budget and driving habits anywhere in the country. 

The company is financially strong and holds an excellent customer satisfaction rate and impressive ratings from third-party agencies. One of the best features of this insurer is that it offers both standard & non-standard insurance for your ride. Doesn’t matter if you have tickets, accidents, or DUI convictions, Progressive can be of assistance.

The company has a telematics program called Snapshot that helps its customers save their time & money by handling their policy online. This application monitors your driving and offers discounts if you practice safe driving. Not only this, with Progressive’s Name Your Price Tool you can review your quote, policy coverage, bill payments, and claim submissions which can help you decide whether a policy is right for you or not.

You get various coverage options with Progressive like liability, comprehensive, medical expenses, collision, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. There are also additional ones, namely roadside assistance, gap, rental car reimbursement, custom parts, and rideshare coverage.


  • Robust digital tools
  • Usage-based programs available
  • Snapshot can help you get personalized rates for your insurance
  • Loyalty reward program
  • The comparison tool help in comparing your quotes


  • Higher-than-average rates
  • Available discounts can vary and some might not be available in all states
  • Customer satisfaction scores differ by region

8. Farmers – Largest Car Insurance Service Provider

  • Center: Los Angeles, California
  • Market share: 4.0%
  • Average annual premium for full coverage: $2,000
  • Average Annual Minimum Cover Premium: $678

Farmer is the seventh-largest car insurance provider in the United States that provides a wide range of insurances and ways to save you money. The company’s standard coverage choices include property damage, liability, collision, uninsured/underinsured motorist, comprehensive coverage, medical payments, and personal injury protection.

There are additional coverages also like rideshare, loss of use, rental reimbursement, and roadside assistance. 

Essential workers like firefighters, doctors, nurses, police officers, and teachers are eligible for a premium reduction that is not offered by many insurers.

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You may also get OEM coverage, which helps you get original manufacturer parts for your ride if it gets damaged. Not only this, Farmers offer many multiple auto & home insurance discounts to active duty service members, veterans, &honorable discharged military people.

One of the best features of Farmers is that if you own a new ride, then Farmers’ new car replacement overage is for you. This coverage option helps you replace your wrecked car with a brand-new one. The only conditions are for your ride to be not older than two years and have less than 24,000 miles on it.

Lastly, this insurer holds an above-average customer satisfaction rating from third parties and an A- financial strength rating from AM Best.


  • Guaranteed new car replacement for your wrecked car if it covers all the requirements
  • Offers $750 coverage on spare parts of classic vehicles
  • Offer multiple discounts
  • Offer a discount for alternative-fuel vehicles
  • Took over MetLife’s business


  • A little pricey
  • Does not offer gap insurance
  • The eligibility depends on where you live

9. Amica

  • Center: Lincoln, RI
  • Market share: 5.0%
  • Average annual premium for full coverage: $1,378
  • Average Annual Minimum Cover Premium: $405

If you want high-end service from your insurer, then Amica is the best company to go with. Although it might be a little expensive, but will not disappoint you. The company works with a customer-centric approach and offers excellent claims service. It is also about four percent cheaper than the average industry rate.

Amica’s one of most talked about features is its robust car insurance packages, referred to as Platinum Choice Auto. 

With this package, you get rewards for renewing policies, good driving, and referring others. A good collection of such points can even help you decrease or get rid of your deductible. The package also includes credit monitoring, maximum rental coverage of $5,000, and new car replacement if your ride is less than a year old & has less than 15,000 miles on it.

Amica offers property damage, personal injury protection, bodily injury liability, and uninsured/underinsured motorists in its basic coverage. Comprehensive & collision coverage, roadside assistance & rental reimbursement, and auto loan/lease gap protection are the optional ones.

Lastly, Amica ranks among the top five in the third-party ratings for its customer satisfaction.


  • Top-rated when it comes to customer satisfaction
  • The excellent claim satisfaction rate
  • Offer many features
  • You get lock replacement if your keys are stolen
  • No-cost airbag replacement but only after it deploys
  • Premium coverage is also available


  • Expensive
  • Not available in Hawaii
  • The availability of features is different across the nation

Top FAQs About Best Car Auto Insurance Companies 2022

Do I really need car insurance?

YES. If you want to protect yourself from the sudden burden of a sudden expense that might come up if you hurt your vehicle, then yes you do need car insurance.

Car insurance helps you pay for any mishap that might happen to your ride but under the terms of your coverage policy.

Can an accident affect my auto insurance prices?

YES. If you have car insurance and get into an accident then you somehow become a risky customer to your insurer. 

It opens the possibility of the occurrence of similar events which is why to secure itself, the insurer increases the price of your premium.

In Layman’s terms, the more accidents you have in your pocket, the higher will your insurance rate go.

How Can I Find the Best Price on Car Insurance?

To find the best price on car insurance you need to first set a budget. Your budget will help you know how much you can afford to pay. With that being set, you can look out for various insurance providers and compare their prices.

Price your quote to your top picks to get the best competitive rates available in the market.

What are the different types of car insurance coverage?

There are auto insurances that are either required by the law permanently or sometimes and the ones that you need if you have a lease or a loan on your ride.

  • Always required by law- Some states in the country make it abiding by law for all drivers to own car insurance no matter how small the coverage is.
  • Sometimes required by law- These are the insurance that the state might want you to own under special circumstances.
  • Needed if your vehicle is leased or loaned- If you have a loan or a lease on your vehicle, then you need to have full coverage insurance on it which can cover any kind of damage done to it.
What are the various types of additional car insurance I should look for?

Apart from basic auto insurance coverage, there are some additional features that you should look for. The additional features provide extra coverage and save you money.

Below we have listed some additional car insurances types for you to consider:

  • Accident forgiveness
  • Gap insurance
  • New car replacement
  • Pay-per-mile insurance
  • SR-22 insurance
  • Usage-based insurance
  • Vanishing deductibles
What are the various factors that impact the cost of car insurance?

If you want to purchase insurance for your vehicle then you should know that there are several factors at play. Some might work to your advantage while some can backfire.

Based on all those factors the cost of your insurance is decided by an insurer. Check out the crucial factors you should be looking out for.

  • Your driving record
  • Your age and driving experience
  • Your resident
  • Vehicle model
  • Your car insurance history
  • Coverage selections
  • Your credit-based insurance score
  • Deductible amount (if you buy collision and comprehensive coverage)
How to decide the level of my car insurance?

The level of your car insurance is based on how many levels of risk you can tolerate. Insurance is basically saving you from the sudden requirement of a huge sum of money.

If you are a safe driver and have little to no accident record then going for low coverage insurance is a good choice. However, if you are a troubled rider with frequent occurrences of accidents, going for a full coverage one is the best choice for you.

What are the best car insurance companies in the USA?

Almost every other person in the USA drives a vehicle which makes it a necessity to own coverage to protect both the ride and the driver.

2022 is the year when you need to stop procrastinating on the decision and find yourself good insurance coverage.

Below are our top nine picks for 2022:

  • Geico
  • State Farm
  • USAA
  • Nationwide
  • Travelers
  • Allstate
  • Progressive
  • Farmers
  • Amica

Best car auto insurance companies are the ones that can help you keep your ride safe & protected. With the increasing prices, you need to protect your money at every cost.

We hope our list of various types of car insurance companies for 2022 help you find the best one for your requirements.

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